About Us

Welcome to Mart To Five!

We are an innovative shopping platform which provides a one-stop-solution to a variety of pre-packed meals. That’s right, we now serve whole meals prepared by our preferred restaurants in Malaysia. Think about having perfectly cooked cuisines in the comfort of your own homes – only better.

How Do We Do It?

At Mart To Five, we source actual pre-packed meals from multiple established restaurants in Malaysia and serve them all to you on one plate. For this new concept to happen, our dedicated folk walk the extra mile to ensure only well received products make the cut.

“It’s Time To Cook AGAIN?!”

Yes, we totally understand the hassles of cooking. Having to juggle a tight work schedule, maintaining a health routine, caring for the kids, and learning quantum mechanics; we understand that you just wish for food to appear on your dining table magically. Truth be told, it was quite impossible some time back but with Mart To Five, you’ll be sure to entertain every family member’s tastebuds – with literally ZERO effort!

Start Purchasing Immediately!

All customers may start purchasing immediately. Store promotions never end and we’re ready to serve you the best delicacies from Malaysia and beyond.

If ever in doubt, contact us via social media, mart.to.five@gmail.com, or call +6016-6050902.

Can’t wait to see you!

















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