Braised Pork 卤肉
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Frozen food is improving people's living life style with the popularity of refrigerators, microwave ovens and rapid development of convenience foods. Leong Kee frozen food’s business philosophy consist of providing high-quality food with special cooking methods to bring out the original authentic taste of dishes. The taste of dishes still remains delicious after heating, which Leong Kee frozen food desire to be the best. 

冷冻食品是随着⼈们⽣活⽔平的提⾼,⽣活节奏加快,冰箱、微波炉的普及⽽快速发展起来的⽅便食 品。 良记以特⾊的烹调⽅法来调出菜肴的原汁原味。 冷冻菜肴经过加热后,依然可以保持美味可⼝。


• Homemade Steam Rice, Eat Healthy 家乡蒸饭, 吃出健康

• No Preservatives ⽆防腐剂



• Put the aluminum foil bag in boiling water and heat for 15-20 minutes (Do not thaw) 把铝 箔袋放入烧⽔中加热15-20分钟 (⽆须解冻)

• Or heat up in steamer for 15-20 min (To be thawed) 或者在蒸锅中加热15-20分钟 (须解冻)

• Remarks: Avoid putting the aluminum foil bag in the microwave to prevent accidents 備 注: 避免将铝箔袋放进微波炉以防发⽣意外


... INGREDIENTS: Pork Belly, Garlic, Ginger, Herbs, Soy Sauce, Salt, Sugar

Weight PRODUCT WEIGHT: 260g 净重 260g (⼆⼈份)

Packaging PACKAGING: Aluminium Foil Food Boiling bag

... SHELF LIFE: Stored In Freezer For Two Months (Keep Frozen Below -18ºC) 在冷冻冰箱中可以保存两个⽉ (冷冻保存在 -18ºC以下)