Peppa Bacon Burger Patty (100gm x 2)
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Brand Oink Oink Gourmet Burger
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Brought to you by Oink Oink, the Peppa Bacon burger patty is filled with goodness ready to excite every taste bud of yours.

Oink Oink独家出产,Peppa Bacon汉堡肉片口感与香味十足,绝对能让你垂涎三尺,回味无穷!

Delicately mastered by the chefs from Oink Oink, their signature burger patty is just a click away.

来自于Oink Oink的独家秘方,这招牌肉片与你只有一键之差。

-        No Nitrite added

-        No preservatives added

-        No off cuts

-        No tenderizer added

-        No colouring added

Highlights: Juicy and bursting with cheese; pairs well with table wine.

来自有机肉饼产家 Oink Oink,这些看起来简单的肉片其实一点也不平凡。

填满着三种不一样的上等芝士,您将轻易的做出属于您自己的高质量,高水平汉堡包!想给心爱的人办个烛光晚餐浪漫一下?有了Oink Oink芝士肉片,您可以轻松亦低价格的好好享受与爱人的时光。

-        无加亚硝酸盐

-        无加防腐剂

-        无切角

-        无嫩滑剂

-        无加颜色素


... INGREDIENTS: 100% Fresh Premium Pork Meat, Bacon, Salt, Spice & Herbs, Black Pepper

Weight PRODUCT WEIGHT: 200gm±

... QUANTITY: 100g x 2pcs / 100g x 2块 

Packaging PACKAGING: Vacuum Pack

... SHELF LIFE: Keep in freezer for 8months.